Presentation of the Executive Secretariat to the Government

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12 February 2020

To launch these activities, ECOWAS has provided in one of these Programs, in particular the Support Program for Food and Nutritional Security in West Africa (PASANAO), a subsidy up to One Hundred Thirty Thousand (130,000) euros in view to reinforce the organizational and institutional capacities of the Network This will make it possible to contribute to the structuring of cereal value chains, to the fluidification of trade, to better regulation of the market, to the promotion of storage by producer organizations (POs) and the private sector, thereby facilitating the implementation of the Regional Food Security Reserve, through regional supplies from professional private actors (producer organizations, traders and processors).
This support from ECOWAS / ARAA / PASANAO is targeted on (i) the design of the action plan; (ii) the validation of the action plan by the statutory bodies of ROAC, (iii) the holding of some statutory meetings (GA, CA), (iv) the establishment and operation of the Executive Secretariat and finally, (iv ) the implementation of the activities that will flow from the Action Plan designed and validated.

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